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Menlu RI Attended the 2018 Regional Diplomatic Meeting Forum Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu RI) Retno Marsudi (PHOTO: Khadafi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMADURA, BADUNG – Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu RI) Retno Marsudi, attended the 2018 Regional Diplomatic Meeting forum, which was held by the Republic of Indonesia Regional Representative Council (DPD), in Kuta, Badung, Bali, Friday (07/12/2018).

Minister Retno conveyed to the media crew, that the meeting could bridge networking between provincial heads with ASEAN ambassadors in Indonesia to promote the potential of their own regions.

"Then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we also have an event that we routinely carry out, namely update from region. So update from province to province or from city and district. So we work together to present the potentials of the region," she said.

Minister Retno also explained that if talking about exports and investment, so it wouldn’t be separated from the role of a region that is very important.

"When we talk about exports or we talk about investment issues, it follows the role of the region. Because the role of the head of this region is very important," she said.

"I said earlier, that the President (Jokowi) always emphasized the economy of each country. The country will be strong, if exports are strong, and the investment is also quite a lot to accompany the state budget funds for development," added Minister Retno.

Related to the global economic competition, Minister Retno also explained that it is certainly very strong, because Indonesia doesn't only compete with developed countries but also developing countries.

"It isn't only from developed countries but also from developing countries, with developed countries we usually complement each other, and with developing countries we compete because the products are the same. Therefore, our goods must be competitive," she said.

In addition, according to Minister Retno, besides competitive products that attract tourists, the destination products but must also be packaged.

"Destinations can be good, but if they aren't packed later. It means that the industry is developed, everything is developed, so we compete with others with quite a lot (products)," she said.

"Likewise with the investment, therefore, it also needs to be a culture change that really must be strong. It means, we must simplify bureaucracy, we must do good government and so on," Retno explained.

According to Retno, everything must be developed starting from the product to be able to compete with other countries. "Everything we have to do, so that we become competitive, so that we get a big part of the world economy," said the Indonesian Foreign Minister. (*)

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