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Ladies, this is How to Look Pretty in Mask Wulan Guritno, a local artist still look pretty though she is wearing a mask. (PHOTO:

TIMESMADURA, JAKARTA – People will wear mask whenever and wherever they. It becomes a normal thing nowadays. Little did everyone notice, some people will just ignore their look and forget about being pretty especially those ladies. So, does those ladies still need to wear a make-up while they are wearing a mask?

A doctor at Boston Medical Center, Cassandra M Pierre said that it is not suggested to wearing a full make up when you wearing a mask. Since the make-up will make the mask dirty and make the filter won’t work properly.

Yet, Alvin Goh a Chinese artist on SCMP has several tips for you to stay amazing though you wear a mask.

1. Stay with your skincare routine

Some people will have different treatment and skincare. Keep doing your skincare routine will help your skin looks stunning and healthy even though if you had to wear a mask.   

2. Keep wearing your sunscreen lotion

Remember, mask doesn’t protect you from the danger of UV light exposure. So never leave your sunscreen lotion away especially when you go out.

3. Play with your eyes
well mask will make half of your face covered, so focus your make up on your eyes. Let your eyes be the centre of the world.

4. lip Balm

Lip balm especially those with vitamin E will help your lip stay plump and moisturized. Choose friendly lip balm for your lips not hose which make your lips chapped.

Those are several tips you could use for day to day while wearing mask. Stay pretty, stay healthy! (*)

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