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Banyuwangi Streaming Art Exhibition, This is the Due Date “Fish Auction” by Mozes Misdy, one of the arts which will be exhibited on Banyuwangi Streaming Art Exhibition. (PHOTO: Ben Hendro for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMADURA, BANYUWANGIBanyuwangi one of district in East Java will host an online art exhibition entitled this art exhibition will be conducted starting from July, 20 2020 to August, 20 2020. This exhibition was conducted in order to welcome the new normal life.  

This exhibition will be followed by the local artists of Banyuwangi. Each of them will show their most precious painting. There will be around 36 paintings displayed on this exhibition with new normal life as the main theme.

“Dozens of either senior or junior local artists of Banyuwngi will joining the exhibition,” Ben Hendro, the guy in-charge of the exhibition said on Friday (10/7/2020).

Still according to him, all the artists would like to take everyone to enjoy, observe, and express their hopes through their work of art. They would like to bring to explore their imagination through this visual art which shows the daily life of the local community through their art.  

At the ned of the day, through this exhibition, the communities were asked to be able to get a positive vibe and to get some new idea of how to live their life during this new normal.

Ben also said that this streaming art exhibition in Banyuwangi was also a way to answer to several exhibition that has been put off due to the pandemic. He also hopes that this exhibition will bring them a good fresh air toward art industry. (*)

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